Gratitude Journal Entry #23



Tonight, I’m grateful for waking in the middle of the night to find kitty snuggled up and entwined with my arms.

I’m grateful for a beautiful drive along the coast, and easily finding parking in the abundant parking lots. I’m grateful that  the first 75 minutes are free. I’m grateful for the abundance of produce at the farmer’s market and the friendly people I always meet there. I’m especially grateful for the accordion and the didgeridoo providing me with excellent mood music. I’m grateful for the wonderful vendor who has collards…a green I have been craving for over 4 years. I’m grateful that I could be leisurely in my shopping and come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’m grateful that it didn’t rain while I was there, as that would have made carrying the groceries quite challenging. I’m grateful I completed everything before my 75 minutes were up.

I’m grateful for time and space to listen to music in the car and tone along. I’m grateful for the easy drive home in a warm and dry and well-functioning car.

I’m grateful for leftovers that made lunch easy to fix. I’m grateful for people in my life who are foodies too.

I’m ecstatically grateful for the amazing musicians, Asteria, that I discovered, and their generous permission to perform one of their pieces…along with a gift of sheet music.


I’m grateful for freeways, and for the amazing planners and architects in the 1930s and 1940s who created and designed the first freeway in the world…in Southern California. I’m grateful that the master plan includes additional freeways in the works…at some point.

I’m grateful for rainy afternoon naps and cozy crocheted snuggle blankets. I’m grateful for the layered fog of infinite shades of gray that cozies up to the mountains.

I’m grateful for peace.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for receiving.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.


Gratitude Journal Entry #10


Today, I’m grateful for cherries and goat cheese from the farmer’s market. I’m grateful for the magnificent magenta and white fuchsia tree that now beautifies a corner of my balcony garden. I’m grateful for freshly juiced wheat grass and locally made yummy olive oil. 

I’m grateful that I know how to change a tire. I’m grateful that, even though the spare was also flat, the tire shop is only a block from my house. I’m grateful that even after fixing the tires and the car still wouldn’t drive properly, the repair garage was only two blocks away. I’m grateful that the repair garage didn’t have a large number of cars ahead of mine. I’m grateful for the generous loaning of a car by a neighbor so I could get to work at night. I’m grateful for the generosity of co-workers giving me rides to and from work during the day. I’m grateful that my car is now fixed and back at home. I’m grateful that I had plenty of money with which to pay for the repairs.

I’m grateful for a candle-lit shower to finish the week. I’m grateful for essential oils and body oil after the shower. I’m grateful for my wonderful mattress and the sound of the ocean through my bedroom window. I’m grateful for a snuggly kitty keeping me warm on a foggy night. I’m grateful for the yummy incense a dear friend shares with me.

I’m grateful for fresh laundry. I’m grateful for empty trash and recycle bins. I’m grateful for vacuumed and mopped floors. I’m grateful for full kitchen cupboards and water containers.

I’m grateful for community.

I’m grateful for grace.

I’m grateful for compassion.

I’m grateful for love.

Gratitude Journal Entry #2


Today, I’m grateful that I’m feeling so much better. I’m grateful the fevers didn’t feel the need to visit me, which is lovely since I told them yesterday they were no longer needed. I’m grateful that I slept well last night. I’m grateful I live in a peaceful town where I can sleep during the day and not be disturbed by business sounds. I’m grateful for the sun on my bed and the nap attack that ensued this afternoon. I’m grateful for the desire and energy to sew. I’m grateful for the Farmer’s Market today and delicious and nutritiously healing organic dinner that resulted. I’m grateful that my mom went to the Farmer’s Market and cooked dinner for me. I’m grateful for a quieter brain and a more centered soul. I’m grateful for my eyes so that I can see the vibrant colors around me. I’m grateful for my furry supervisor helping me sew my vibrant fabric this evening. I’m grateful for compassion. I’m grateful for love.

Mineral Food

This week Autumn arrived where I live. The sky aged to shades of gray, a cold wind blew, cleansing nature of all the things it was ready to release…leaves, bark, branches, nests, skins, seeds… Then it rained. And rained, and rained, and rained. 

Whenever weather turns inclement, I crave soup. This week in the Farmer’s Market, I delighted in seeing turnips. My excitement in seeing these earth foods surprised the farmer and she commented that most people aren’t such big fans of turnips. I replied, “It’s all in how you cook it, and with what you cook it.”

I also purchased some onions but couldn’t find parsnips anywhere in the market. It took a few days to find them, but by the time the rain began, all the ingredients were in my kitchen and I set to work.

I began by turning on my Chris Botti station on Pandora, and making myself a cup of tea. This ritual calms my mind and opens my senses so that I can experience all the textures and flavors that the food has to offer me. My cooking always tastes better when I take the time to slow down and work with it in gratitude…connecting with everyone who has had a part in providing support for the growth of this food as well as bringing it to my kitchen.

As I bring the finished product to my lips, the pungent mineral odor of earth fills my mouth and nose. Tangy, slightly bitter, slightly sweet and creamy, the smooth, fluffy texture enhances the flavor as it continues to unfold on the tongue. I ladle a bowl-full, garnish the top with fresh cilantro, pour a glass of Summerland Pinot Gris 2008 and sit by the window. As kitty curls up in my lap, I watch the rain, Chris Botti still serenading me and I am bliss.

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