Gratitude Journal Entry #25


Tonight, I’m grateful that I found both pieces of music I need for my scheduled performances the week of Christmas. I’m grateful that the first arrangement is almost finished, and the sketch for the second is outlined.

I’m grateful that my simple arrangements of two Christmas pieces for one of my piano students went easily and that they are finished and ready to print for his next lesson. I’m grateful he’s so motivated to learn these pieces that he asked me to “fix them” for him. I’m grateful that I have the tools and skills to be able to do this for him.

I’m grateful for the yummy lentil stew I made, and that it went so well with the left-over cornbread. I’m grateful that there was plenty left over to share with a farmer and my acupuncturist. I’m grateful that in giving the farmer the stew out of my abundance, he surprised me with a massive bag of fresh mammoth basil.

I’m grateful for a clean kitchen and empty trash bins. I’m grateful for continuing energy to sort through closets and craft supplies. I’m grateful there is now another large pile to be donated. I’m grateful there’s a large pile of books ready to be donated. I’m grateful that this chaos indicates order is coming. I’m grateful that there is a plan to put things into order again soon.

I’m grateful for piano time with Mozart and Chopin.

I’m grateful for a heating pad and a snuggly kitty.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for sharing.

I’m grateful for the blessings that return a million-fold.

I’m grateful for purging.

I’m grateful for endings.

I’m grateful for the impending beginnings because of the endings.

I’m grateful for compassion.

I’m grateful for tenderness.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.



Gratitude Journal Entry #22


Tonight, I’m grateful that kitty finally stopped yeowling around the house this morning after I threatened to put him on the rainy balcony.

I’m grateful for a lovely walk in the rain as I purchased food items for lunch. I’m grateful for the inspiration to cook my favorite comfort food: lentil soup, tabbouleh, hummus, GF crustinos, and garlic sauce. I’m grateful Mom came home while I was making it so she could help me. I’m grateful that even though the texture wasn’t quite right, the flavor was spot on.

I’m grateful for time to read and research. I’m grateful that I can file for unemployment online…and did.

I’m grateful for the food that we did purchase at the farmer’s market. I’m grateful that there’s another one nearby on Saturday at which I can purchase more because my main farmer didn’t come today. I’m grateful that I had an abundance of soup to share with one of my favorite farmers.

I’m grateful for all the beautiful mint sprouts on my mint plant. I’m grateful that the rose plant is really starting to thrive and bloom. I’m grateful for all the time spent with flowers…tending and arranging them around the house.

I’m grateful for all the different colors that I can see. I’m grateful for crayons, and pencils, and paint so that I can color m world. I’m grateful for the peace that always settles deep within whenever I color a mandala.

I’m grateful for a lovely yoga class this evening. I’m grateful for the relaxing shower afterwards. I’m grateful for the blend of incense, steam, fog, and wood smoke. I’m grateful for my body blend of rose, sandalwood, frankincense, and geranium oils. I’m grateful that my pillow smells of these as well.

I’m grateful for integration.

I’m grateful for soothing.

I’m grateful for inner support.

I’m grateful for inner loyalty.

I’m grateful for tenderness.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.

Mineral Food

This week Autumn arrived where I live. The sky aged to shades of gray, a cold wind blew, cleansing nature of all the things it was ready to release…leaves, bark, branches, nests, skins, seeds… Then it rained. And rained, and rained, and rained. 

Whenever weather turns inclement, I crave soup. This week in the Farmer’s Market, I delighted in seeing turnips. My excitement in seeing these earth foods surprised the farmer and she commented that most people aren’t such big fans of turnips. I replied, “It’s all in how you cook it, and with what you cook it.”

I also purchased some onions but couldn’t find parsnips anywhere in the market. It took a few days to find them, but by the time the rain began, all the ingredients were in my kitchen and I set to work.

I began by turning on my Chris Botti station on Pandora, and making myself a cup of tea. This ritual calms my mind and opens my senses so that I can experience all the textures and flavors that the food has to offer me. My cooking always tastes better when I take the time to slow down and work with it in gratitude…connecting with everyone who has had a part in providing support for the growth of this food as well as bringing it to my kitchen.

As I bring the finished product to my lips, the pungent mineral odor of earth fills my mouth and nose. Tangy, slightly bitter, slightly sweet and creamy, the smooth, fluffy texture enhances the flavor as it continues to unfold on the tongue. I ladle a bowl-full, garnish the top with fresh cilantro, pour a glass of Summerland Pinot Gris 2008 and sit by the window. As kitty curls up in my lap, I watch the rain, Chris Botti still serenading me and I am bliss.

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