Gratitude Journal Entry #26



Tonight, I’m grateful for easily awakening and having ample time to groom and dress before my appointments.

I’m grateful for starting out my day with a visit with my hair stylist, the amazing Fabian. I’m grateful that my next stop was with my amazing masseuse. I’m grateful that my heart is always soothed by her presence, and that my true nature bursts forth unencumbered.

I’m grateful for the assistance by a security guard who went way out of his way to help me find what I needed.

I’m grateful that the temple shop had the Hanukkah candles I needed, and that the price was so worth the drive. I’m grateful for such a beautifully clear day to drive around, and that the ocean insisted on sparkling and winking at me. I’m grateful for a delightfully peaceful and soulful lunch in the sun with a book next to a fountain.

I’m grateful for the energy and clarity gifted to me to organize the garage and sort the boxes for additional sorting. I’m grateful for another huge pile to be donated, and a big box to go to the specialized recycle place.

I’m grateful for fresh, clean, reverse-osmosis water.

I’m grateful for Shabbas candles that always welcome such a beautiful time of rest. I’m grateful for Epsom-salt-essential-oil-foot-soaks. I’m grateful for tea, crackers and Dutch cheese whilst soaking my feet.

I’m grateful for support.

I’m grateful for healing.

I’m grateful for purging.

I’m grateful for appreciation.

I’m grateful for safety.

I’m grateful for faith.

I’m grateful for trust.

I’m grateful for love.



Gratitude Journal Entry #25


Tonight, I’m grateful that I found both pieces of music I need for my scheduled performances the week of Christmas. I’m grateful that the first arrangement is almost finished, and the sketch for the second is outlined.

I’m grateful that my simple arrangements of two Christmas pieces for one of my piano students went easily and that they are finished and ready to print for his next lesson. I’m grateful he’s so motivated to learn these pieces that he asked me to “fix them” for him. I’m grateful that I have the tools and skills to be able to do this for him.

I’m grateful for the yummy lentil stew I made, and that it went so well with the left-over cornbread. I’m grateful that there was plenty left over to share with a farmer and my acupuncturist. I’m grateful that in giving the farmer the stew out of my abundance, he surprised me with a massive bag of fresh mammoth basil.

I’m grateful for a clean kitchen and empty trash bins. I’m grateful for continuing energy to sort through closets and craft supplies. I’m grateful there is now another large pile to be donated. I’m grateful there’s a large pile of books ready to be donated. I’m grateful that this chaos indicates order is coming. I’m grateful that there is a plan to put things into order again soon.

I’m grateful for piano time with Mozart and Chopin.

I’m grateful for a heating pad and a snuggly kitty.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for sharing.

I’m grateful for the blessings that return a million-fold.

I’m grateful for purging.

I’m grateful for endings.

I’m grateful for the impending beginnings because of the endings.

I’m grateful for compassion.

I’m grateful for tenderness.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.


Gratitude Journal Entry #24


Tonight, I’m grateful for a lovely walk around town as I ran errands this morning. I’m grateful for sipping fresh, organic juices from my local health food store as I ran my errands. I’m grateful for finding some waterless shampoo so that I can clean a 4′ teddy bear to give to my favorite library patron for Christmas 🙂 I’m grateful that I found/accomplished all that I needed on my errand run and was home by lunch.

I’m grateful for a delicious lunch, followed by going through more stuff from the garage. I’m deeply grateful that my emotional attachment to things from my past is waning significantly so that it’s easy to let it go. I’m grateful that a family who has no money for Christmas this year asked for craft stuff for their little girl. I’m so grateful that I have so much of it to share with her. I’m grateful that while sorting through my abundant craft supplies, I was able to remember with so much happiness all the things I created with all of these things, and all the friendships and memories shared with people I love so much. I’m grateful that this inspired Mom to start going through her supplies as well, and that it feels so good to let go of things I no longer need.

I’m grateful for my piano students who always have so much to teach me.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for sharing.

I’m grateful for hugs.

I’m grateful for flow.

I’m grateful for tenderness.

I’m grateful for love.


Gratitude Journal Entry #23



Tonight, I’m grateful for waking in the middle of the night to find kitty snuggled up and entwined with my arms.

I’m grateful for a beautiful drive along the coast, and easily finding parking in the abundant parking lots. I’m grateful that  the first 75 minutes are free. I’m grateful for the abundance of produce at the farmer’s market and the friendly people I always meet there. I’m especially grateful for the accordion and the didgeridoo providing me with excellent mood music. I’m grateful for the wonderful vendor who has collards…a green I have been craving for over 4 years. I’m grateful that I could be leisurely in my shopping and come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’m grateful that it didn’t rain while I was there, as that would have made carrying the groceries quite challenging. I’m grateful I completed everything before my 75 minutes were up.

I’m grateful for time and space to listen to music in the car and tone along. I’m grateful for the easy drive home in a warm and dry and well-functioning car.

I’m grateful for leftovers that made lunch easy to fix. I’m grateful for people in my life who are foodies too.

I’m ecstatically grateful for the amazing musicians, Asteria, that I discovered, and their generous permission to perform one of their pieces…along with a gift of sheet music.


I’m grateful for freeways, and for the amazing planners and architects in the 1930s and 1940s who created and designed the first freeway in the world…in Southern California. I’m grateful that the master plan includes additional freeways in the works…at some point.

I’m grateful for rainy afternoon naps and cozy crocheted snuggle blankets. I’m grateful for the layered fog of infinite shades of gray that cozies up to the mountains.

I’m grateful for peace.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for receiving.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.

Gratitude Journal Entry #22


Tonight, I’m grateful that kitty finally stopped yeowling around the house this morning after I threatened to put him on the rainy balcony.

I’m grateful for a lovely walk in the rain as I purchased food items for lunch. I’m grateful for the inspiration to cook my favorite comfort food: lentil soup, tabbouleh, hummus, GF crustinos, and garlic sauce. I’m grateful Mom came home while I was making it so she could help me. I’m grateful that even though the texture wasn’t quite right, the flavor was spot on.

I’m grateful for time to read and research. I’m grateful that I can file for unemployment online…and did.

I’m grateful for the food that we did purchase at the farmer’s market. I’m grateful that there’s another one nearby on Saturday at which I can purchase more because my main farmer didn’t come today. I’m grateful that I had an abundance of soup to share with one of my favorite farmers.

I’m grateful for all the beautiful mint sprouts on my mint plant. I’m grateful that the rose plant is really starting to thrive and bloom. I’m grateful for all the time spent with flowers…tending and arranging them around the house.

I’m grateful for all the different colors that I can see. I’m grateful for crayons, and pencils, and paint so that I can color m world. I’m grateful for the peace that always settles deep within whenever I color a mandala.

I’m grateful for a lovely yoga class this evening. I’m grateful for the relaxing shower afterwards. I’m grateful for the blend of incense, steam, fog, and wood smoke. I’m grateful for my body blend of rose, sandalwood, frankincense, and geranium oils. I’m grateful that my pillow smells of these as well.

I’m grateful for integration.

I’m grateful for soothing.

I’m grateful for inner support.

I’m grateful for inner loyalty.

I’m grateful for tenderness.

I’m grateful for gentleness.

I’m grateful for love.

Gratitude Journal Entry #21

Tonight, I’m grateful for honoring my body and soul’s need to be completely off-line due to higher dimensional work this morning. I’m grateful for easing into the day with a massive cup of ginger/pau d’arco tea.

I’m grateful for the time spent nurturing myself today…a walk in the rain, a trip to the doctor’s office, a visit with my spiritual teacher, a chat with a girlfriend, watching Friends with Mom, snuggles with kitty, connecting with former students.

I’m grateful for time to blend essential oils just for me, and the delicious feeling of receiving when slathering the product all over. I’m grateful for a new book on the energy healing components of flowers.

I’m grateful for the rain and the soothing dripping sound from the palm trees. I’m grateful that my garden can benefit too.

I’m grateful for a clean kitchen and the number for a carpet cleaner.

I’m grateful for time.

I’m grateful for awareness.

I’m grateful for remembering.

I’m grateful for peace.

I’m grateful for the absence of fear.

I’m grateful for giggles.

I’m grateful for caresses.

I’m grateful for love.


Gratitude Journal Entry #20

Tonight, I’m grateful for waking up easily without an alarm clock. I’m grateful for waking up with hot ginger tea and yoga. I’m grateful for the beautiful walk on the beach, and that no one was there with me.

I’m grateful for the ability to walk on my own and to take myself places I want to go. I’m grateful for my eyes so that I can see the gorgeous colors of the ocean. I’m grateful for my nose so that I can appreciate the smell of eucalyptus, wood smoke, salt air, and tea. I’m grateful for the sensual sensitivity of my skin so that I can appreciate the mist of the fog as it rolls in, the shivery warmth of a fire in the fireplace, the coziness of fleece, and the caress of the breeze. I’m grateful for fingers that allow me to play music. I’m grateful for a lap so that kitty can sit in it while I play the piano.

I’m grateful for the generosity of others giving out of their abundance to me.

I’m grateful for letting more and more stuff go, and the internal freedom that results. I’m grateful that internal freedom is mirrored in my body relaxing. I’m grateful that for the first time in my life, this letting go in my body is allowing me to almost touch my toes.

I’m grateful for a day of nurturing myself, and exploring my natural rhythms. I’m grateful for using Google Calendar to create a schedule that honors those rhythms.

I’m grateful for optimism.

I’m grateful for trust.

I’m grateful for partnership.

I’m grateful for my beloved.

I’m grateful for adventure.

I’m grateful for exploration without fear.

I’m grateful for abundance.

I’m grateful for hope.

I’m grateful for love. 


Gratitude Journal Entry #19


Tonight, I’m grateful for journeys. I’m grateful for all those difficult and challenging times that have led to deeper and more intimate relationships…both within myself and with others. I’m grateful for life-long companions on this journey, and for the acceptance and support we offer each other.

I’m grateful for alone time to integrate lessons and experiences…and silence to support the process. I’m grateful for the companion in the ocean as I process in silence…her ebb and flow allowing me to release all that no longer serves me.

I’m grateful for language that allows me to think, and to communicate thought with others. I’m grateful for my life…that is so much more messy, complicated, uncertain, filled with gray areas, and ever-changing…and that it’s ever so much richer in love because of that.

I’m grateful for chocolate pudding that often makes a new perspective see-able.

I’m grateful for my favorite library patron who flung his three-and-a-half-year-old pool-soaked body into my arms…and the pure ecstasy that followed for us both.

I’m grateful for details that reveal so much about everything in life.

I’m grateful for small gestures that carry significant implications and tilt the world dramatically.

I’m grateful for passion.

I’m grateful for humanity.

I’m grateful for lowering inhibitions.

I’m grateful for community.

I’m grateful for love.


Gratitude Journal Entry #18

Today, several worlds collided: libraries, cemeteries and San Francisco…all because of Harvey Milk.

I finally watched the film “Milk” today.

It’s been on my list of films to watch since it was released, but like other films, such as “Marie Antoinette,” anything on JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., “The Winds of War,” “The Last King of Scotland,” “Hotel Rwanda,” etc., it’s really hard to be motivated to watch them…because I know how they end…violently. And, when so much of my life has been about surviving violence in some form or another, watching it in another’s life is often more than I can bear. But, when I do finally watch, I always learn something new…about my world…about my perceptions…about myself.

I returned to live in the United States at the age of 18…after living 12 years in  foreign countries…the last of which was ravaged by war. My family eventually settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, which I grew to love as my home in the United States. I loved The City. I loved the diversity. I loved the tolerance. I loved that no matter how odd or geeky I felt or looked, there was always someone nearby who was even more so than I…and I especially loved that no one cared. This is where I learned to drive. I figured that if I could survive a foray into The City with a Honda Civic hatchback stick shift…navigating Market Street and stop signs that required the use of the hand-brake, I could do anything. San Francisco showed me that there was a place for me…that I was powerful…that I was unique…that I was valuable. Apparently, I’m not the only one who experienced the magic of that city. And now, I understand why I love Yerba Buena Gardens and Moscone Center…the War Memorial Opera house, where I heard my first opera…city hall…and The Castro. These places have always been beautiful to me…now they are even more so…because someone who lived there before me made a choice to make a difference.

In pondering the film as the credits rolled, I thought of all the books that are passing through my hands at work…a project that involves all the biographies in the library. Each time I work with a book, I learn something new about a time period, a person, event, a place. And, each time, I marvel. I marvel at the ordinariness of these people’s lives…and the magnificence that mingles with the mundane. Most of the biographies I see are about people history will never teach. And yet, these people did significant things in the eyes of those around them. They made a difference. It may not have been on the scale of averting a world war…but…perhaps it was. And, while Newton’s Third Law may have application in the physical world, not all actions have equal and opposite reactions. Sometimes, human actions have exponentially more powerful reactions that propel something further, or in a new direction,than the original action…and all it took to start the cascade was one tiny word or smile or vote. And then I think, I’m the fortunate one…to be able to learn about all of these people, who, by their seemingly small and unknown lives, have contributed to my life…simply by living…and being…and participating in life.

Then I realize this is why I love going to cemeteries. It’s not because I’m a zombie fan…I’m not. It’s not because I have a love of the macabre…I don’t. It’s not because I have a fascination with death and the dead…I don’t. I’ve seen death…in others, and in my face as I looked down the barrel of an automatic weapon…several times. I’m not afraid of death, but neither do I celebrate it. What I celebrate are the lives of those who have lived before me. When I’m in a cemetery, it’s as though the collective wisdom and experience and knowledge of all those people buried there teach me. It might be something as simple as sitting still, watching the grass grow. It might be the awareness that life is short and that I have the opportunity to live without fear. It might be that I’m inspired to be open to the passionate devotion of a lover and spouse. It might be to strengthen the bonds of friendship with someone who has melted into the background of my life. I never leave unchanged…I never leave without being just a bit wiser…because of someone else’s life.

So, tonight, I’m once again in deep awe and gratitude for all the people who have lived before me…documented either in films, books, or on tombstones…whose lives created tiny changes, that after many years, added up to massive changes for a better existence for humanity. I’m especially grateful for the ordinary, unknown people who often did more significant things…they just didn’t realize it at the time. They just lived their lives…some of them more gracefully than others, but all of them worthwhile and courageous. Tonight, I’m grateful for all of these people…for all the things they did that we might never know…for all the small choices they made that made the world tilt slightly…so that my life could be what it is.

Thank you.

Gratitude Journal Entry #17


Tonight, I’m grateful for being greeted at the door with a hug by my 2.5-year-old piano student, first thing this morning. I’m grateful for a thoughtful, gluten-free breakfast provided by my piano students’ mother. I’m grateful for my 7-year-old piano student who told me that he wanted to wait another week to put a sticker on his piece because he knew he could make it sound better by practicing it more. I’m grateful for silly play with the boys and all the fun sounds my voice can make.

I’m grateful for sustained energy today, in spite of the fog, that both inspired and resulted in a clean kitty box, a clean tub, a clean bathroom counter and mirrors, clean dishes and kitchen counter tops, vacuumed carpets and mopped floors. I’m grateful for the music that kept me company during my cleaning commitments.

I’m grateful for Netflix for providing me with documentaries whilst sewing.

I’m grateful for the beautiful orchid that is blooming in my living room.

I’m grateful for the unexpected call from a former student. I’m grateful that I was able to share out of my abundance with this friend and offer her a home-cooked lunch. I’m grateful for the lovely time we spent together.

I’m grateful for the new clothing items that came in the mail, and that all but one fits perfectly.

I’m grateful for colors.

I’m grateful for textures.

I’m grateful for flavors.

I’m grateful for creativity.

I’m grateful for naps.

I’m grateful for love.

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