Gratitude Journal Entry #26



Tonight, I’m grateful for easily awakening and having ample time to groom and dress before my appointments.

I’m grateful for starting out my day with a visit with my hair stylist, the amazing Fabian. I’m grateful that my next stop was with my amazing masseuse. I’m grateful that my heart is always soothed by her presence, and that my true nature bursts forth unencumbered.

I’m grateful for the assistance by a security guard who went way out of his way to help me find what I needed.

I’m grateful that the temple shop had the Hanukkah candles I needed, and that the price was so worth the drive. I’m grateful for such a beautifully clear day to drive around, and that the ocean insisted on sparkling and winking at me. I’m grateful for a delightfully peaceful and soulful lunch in the sun with a book next to a fountain.

I’m grateful for the energy and clarity gifted to me to organize the garage and sort the boxes for additional sorting. I’m grateful for another huge pile to be donated, and a big box to go to the specialized recycle place.

I’m grateful for fresh, clean, reverse-osmosis water.

I’m grateful for Shabbas candles that always welcome such a beautiful time of rest. I’m grateful for Epsom-salt-essential-oil-foot-soaks. I’m grateful for tea, crackers and Dutch cheese whilst soaking my feet.

I’m grateful for support.

I’m grateful for healing.

I’m grateful for purging.

I’m grateful for appreciation.

I’m grateful for safety.

I’m grateful for faith.

I’m grateful for trust.

I’m grateful for love.




  1. In Blue said,

    Sunday, December 9th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Sending along the Sisterhood Award……..

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