Gratitude Journal Entry #19


Tonight, I’m grateful for journeys. I’m grateful for all those difficult and challenging times that have led to deeper and more intimate relationships…both within myself and with others. I’m grateful for life-long companions on this journey, and for the acceptance and support we offer each other.

I’m grateful for alone time to integrate lessons and experiences…and silence to support the process. I’m grateful for the companion in the ocean as I process in silence…her ebb and flow allowing me to release all that no longer serves me.

I’m grateful for language that allows me to think, and to communicate thought with others. I’m grateful for my life…that is so much more messy, complicated, uncertain, filled with gray areas, and ever-changing…and that it’s ever so much richer in love because of that.

I’m grateful for chocolate pudding that often makes a new perspective see-able.

I’m grateful for my favorite library patron who flung his three-and-a-half-year-old pool-soaked body into my arms…and the pure ecstasy that followed for us both.

I’m grateful for details that reveal so much about everything in life.

I’m grateful for small gestures that carry significant implications and tilt the world dramatically.

I’m grateful for passion.

I’m grateful for humanity.

I’m grateful for lowering inhibitions.

I’m grateful for community.

I’m grateful for love.



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