Gratitude Journal Entry #12


Tonight, I’m grateful for a hot, summer day. I’m grateful for a moment to drink tea under a blooming Jacaranda tree during my work day.

I’m grateful for chats with my students, and the laughter they inspire in me. I’m grateful there’s a bathroom on campus without horrid smelling air-freshener. I’m grateful for time at the Reference Desk to read magazines and journals.

I’m grateful for the potentials for summer travel.

I’m grateful for the spontaneous inspiration to remake a purchased skirt. I’m grateful it only took an hour.

I’m grateful for an exhilarating walk on the beach during high winds and fabulous waves.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to drive students to a dinner and get to know them a bit better. I’m grateful for the restaurant’s generous accommodation for my dietary needs.

I’m grateful for anticipation.

I’m grateful for surprises.

I’m grateful for nature.

I’m grateful for connection.

I’m grateful for love.


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