Gratitude Journal Entry #8

Today, I’m grateful for a refreshed earth that surrounds me. I’m grateful for the rain that provided the refreshing. I’m grateful for the flowers that bloom fully, and unabashedly in all their glory. I’m grateful for the ability to perceive color and scents in order to more fully experience the flowers. I’m grateful for the birds who daily serenade me at my office window. I’m grateful for my ears in order to more fully experience their songs of joy.

I’m grateful for the deep healing I experienced this week as facilitated by one of my mentors. I’m grateful for her encouragement, support, and guidance as I move into unfamiliar territory as a business owner and healing practitioner. I’m grateful for the inspiration to design and create my Reiki advertising materials. I’m grateful that I like them so much. I’m grateful for finding an insurance policy that resonated with me. I’m grateful that I have plenty of money to cover these expenses.

I’m grateful for friends who are also business owners in town. I’m grateful for their willingness to connect me with their network. I’m grateful for the beautiful, sleek, and sexy new computer that is now part of my world because of this network.

I’m grateful that my journey of healing has connected me with other beautiful souls also healing similar issues. I’m grateful for the support and Unconditional Love that accompanies these relationships. I’m grateful that I have a dinner appointment tonight with one of my soul sisters. I’m grateful for the blessings that will be shared tonight as a result of sharing and being vulnerable with one another.

I’m grateful for the ancient wisdom of nature’s medicines in the form of food, roots, leaves, flowers and bark. I’m grateful that this wisdom is shared with me in order to support my body. I’m grateful for the additional support in the form of Vitamin B, Vitamin D3, prebiotics, and probiotics. I’m deeply grateful for the luscious aroma of Absolute Rose Oil. I’m even more grateful for everyone involved in the process of creating such a beautiful product. I’m grateful that the roses are so willing to share themselves with me, so that my heart can continue to heal and love others.

I’m grateful for the beautiful kitty I met on my walk to work this morning. I’m grateful she was so friendly and shared her purr with me. I’m grateful for the entertainment of watching a blue jay taunt and tease the kitty. I’m grateful for the giggles that never stopped in watching the dance. I’m grateful for the humor I was able to see in a personal situation as I watched the kitty get all riled up and chatter disgust at the blue jay. I’m grateful for the lesson I was able to see in watching the blue jay intentionally harass the kitty so long as the kitty couldn’t resist the temptation of possible bird food. I’m grateful that in spite of such a situation, both the bird and kitty are infinitely loved by the Universe and Sacredness…as am I.

I’m grateful for possibility.

I’m grateful for support.

I’m grateful for security in the midst of uncertainty.

I’m grateful for laughter.

I’m grateful for connection and vulnerability.

I’m grateful for love.



  1. Saturday, April 28th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    I’m grateful for you reminding me to be grateful 😉 Seriously, I think this is a great idea 🙂

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