Gratitude Journal Entry #5

Tonight, I’m grateful for a warm enough day to wear a sundress. I’m grateful for the beautiful walk along the beach…with a friend’s house as the ending point. I’m grateful that the friend I visited is a fellow foodie. I’m grateful for the delectably sumptuous spread we created for ourselves. I’m grateful for a lovely dog-inspired walk-about in the neighborhood whilst sipping on disguised iced pinot grigio (shhhh!). I’m grateful for kindred spirits and the laughter that inevitably bubbles up between us.

I’m grateful for the honor of working with a new client in a stunning new setting. I’m grateful for all the unexpected help that appeared while preparing for the new client.

I’m grateful for all the phone calls and communications with family and friends today.

I’m grateful for abundance. I’m grateful for intimacy. I’m grateful for love.


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