Gratitude Journal Entry #4

Polski: Znaki przykluczowe dla tonacji Es-dur ...

Tonight, I’m grateful for the magnificent, unapologetic power of thunder, wind, and rain. I’m grateful for the texture and shades of color that constantly change in the light that filters through the fog and clouds. I’m grateful for my toasty heater, dry, insulating clothes, and shoes without holes in them. I’m grateful that my book mending skills are improving. I’m grateful for the short meditation before teaching research skills that calmed the jitters I always get. I’m grateful that as a result of that meditation, the kids were all attentive and thoughtful learners. I’m grateful for my two piano students from this afternoon who never cease to inspire me with their wisdom and dedication to learning. I’m grateful that one student is so unintimidated by key signatures that he jumped straight from C major-5 finger pieces to a two page piece in E-flat major and learned the first page all on his own…the fearlessness due to his curiosity and self-confidence taught me overwhelming lessons this afternoon. I’m grateful that the youngest one, while still hating the metronome, has come to a place where he “can work with it.” I’m grateful for all the kind people at the grocery store on a stormy Friday afternoon. I’m grateful that the store manager walked by and then proceeded to show me all the new gluten-free products in the store. I’m grateful that he grinned when I told him, “I heart you!” I’m grateful for the time spent playing the piano and creating new pieces to perform. I’m grateful for a quiet evening at home with my mom and yummy food. I’m grateful for the ability to go to bed early tonight and plans to see friends this weekend. I’m grateful for overflowing gratitude and love.


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