Gratitude Journal Entry #2


Today, I’m grateful that I’m feeling so much better. I’m grateful the fevers didn’t feel the need to visit me, which is lovely since I told them yesterday they were no longer needed. I’m grateful that I slept well last night. I’m grateful I live in a peaceful town where I can sleep during the day and not be disturbed by business sounds. I’m grateful for the sun on my bed and the nap attack that ensued this afternoon. I’m grateful for the desire and energy to sew. I’m grateful for the Farmer’s Market today and delicious and nutritiously healing organic dinner that resulted. I’m grateful that my mom went to the Farmer’s Market and cooked dinner for me. I’m grateful for a quieter brain and a more centered soul. I’m grateful for my eyes so that I can see the vibrant colors around me. I’m grateful for my furry supervisor helping me sew my vibrant fabric this evening. I’m grateful for compassion. I’m grateful for love.


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