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One very unexpected, yet joyous, side effect of blogging is meeting other bloggers. I know. If someone were to have said that to me, I would have rolled my eyes and muttered, “Duh!” However, in defending myself from myself, I realized the interesting inner war I experienced around blogging. All sorts of internal messages and insecurities arose like Dementors whenever I even considered starting a blog, the two biggest ones being: “There are so many bloggers, why does the world need another one” and “What could I possibly have to say that would matter to another person.” I was so focused on me as the originator of “stuff” that I never even considered the possibility that I might also meet some pretty amazing people and learn from their “stuff.” It is this unexpected side effect that continues to add a significant amount of joy and gratitude to my life. 

This week, I stumbled upon a most incredible and beautiful soul and her blog. This woman knows how to manifest a life of joy, purpose, beauty and creativity. She’s living her dream and loving every moment of it. Her joy and passion shines through her work and as a result, she’s becoming quite successful. She’s a fabulous example of the idea that if you follow your passion and do what you love, everything else follows. Her name is Betsy Dunlap and she presently has two blogs: B.Dunlap, and BD for WeddingBee. The latter one, the source of this post’s photo, hasn’t been updated since 2009, but contains some stunning photographs of her work specifically done for weddings. The former one is her active site and shows her more recent work across a wide range of media and purposes. 

Apart from the inspiration she brings to me to live a life more deeply infused with beauty, passion and creativity, I love that she’s obsessed with typography and letters through the ancient art of calligraphy…and using letters in creative ways…varying the shapes and sizes and directions to create art and flow and evoke emotion simply by the formation of a letter. It’s as though, when I look at her letters, I learn a bit more about her and the way she sees the world, and my eyes are changed for the better. 

Thank you Betsy.



  1. grenier09 said,

    Sunday, November 20th, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    I’ve enjoyed reading through some of your blogs. Your inspiration and reflective ideas are quite, well, inspiring. More than anything I appreciate that your last several have been about how people around you have encouraged you; you’ve challenged me to be more open and observant of the ways God is working in those around me. Thanks!

    • Seraphina said,

      Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 10:03 am

      I’m so glad you found them helpful to you! I imagine that Uganda still has many challenges even with all the political changes. I’ve spent a lot of time in E. Africa, so I can relate. However, in spite of, or maybe because of those challenges, my heart is still there and with the people there who are so amazing. Love and light to you!

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