Spiritual Integration

This year, I celebrated the High Holy Days at Pacifica Graduate Institute. One of my soul’s many facets is my Jewishness. But, due to many things, this has not been a part of me that I have celebrated much recently. To be honest, I struggle with a rigid belief system of any kind, and much prefer the exploratory and experiential Spiritual perspective…which has been my primary focus of late. How could all these seemingly disparate pieces fit together? I had no idea; I simply set the intention to remain open to receive whatever blessings Divinity had to share with me. 

Aside from the beautifully warm and inviting congregation and their unique and lovely traditions (one of which is not to require tickets to the High Holy Days; another is to bless and honor non-Jewish family members who support Jewish family members), the thing that struck me the most is that this congregation is deeply Spiritually connected…particularly the rabbi. As the rabbi brought in ancient mystical (Kabbalah) practices, the similarities to my own Spiritual practice struck me. The guided meditations were familiar to me and the angels, beings and Divinity (both feminine and masculine) we connected with were ones with which I was already familiar. 

At one point, I looked up and admired Pacifica’s meeting room which we had rented, and I chuckled. Here we were, worshipping at a school that teaches psychology from the perspective of Freud and Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and many others interested in consciousness and mythology, and I’m celebrating one of the more ancient mythologies amongst all their photographs. I’m also practicing some of their meditation techniques in order to access a deeper consciousness…all while in the midst of ancient Jewish services. I don’t know that I fully understand the meaning of all of those things coming together in that moment, but I do know that it was significant…and meaningful…and comforting. 

As I left services, my mind was quite suspended and I was experiencing higher realms, so powerful and beautiful the services had been. I stepped out of the building and looked up. The fog was beginning to lift and clear, and for one swirly moment, I was in ten different places and times at once. Again, it was profound without being able to explain why. But I do know my soul danced with joy, and I was at peace.


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