Gluten-Free Wizard

This truly is a perfect example, of many in my life, of how nothing is accidental, and everything has a perfect time and space. It’s also an example of the many reassurances I receive from Divine Mother that all will be well, I’m not alone, and that The Universe is conspiring for my benefit.

The day after my close call in succumbing to wheat, the small refrigerator my boss ordered for the main office was installed and plugged in. I also began unpacking a shipment my boss had purchased. This shipment had been in the main office for some time, but because my office was so full, I waited to open it until I had room. I had room the day after my near melt-down. In amongst other selections for young adults and children, was this cookbook.

I saw only the cake. I am not a cake fan, which she knows, but I held it up and burst out, “The way I’m feeling today, I’d eat this if it were in front of me and deal with the consequences later.” In stunned surprise, I heard another co-worker say, “But look! It’s gluten-free!” After a few seconds, the title registered with me and I exclaimed to my boss with astonishment, “You bought this?!” She laughed and replied, “I thought you might be interested.” All I could do was nod affirmatively as my throat choked up and my eyes watered excessively. “Oh!” she continued. “Feel free to bring any wheat free/gluten-free items to work and keep them in the refrigerator. That’s one of the reasons why I bought it.”

All I could say was: Thank. You.

I took this cookbook home that night and poured over the recipes and pictures (which are quite lovely). I found myself giggling with delight. It’s so cleverly and wittily laid out, I instantly fell-in-crush with the chef. Phil Vickery definitely deserves all the awards he’s been given…and probably more. Recipes include many of my favorite things, such as crepes, pie crust (I despise a heavy, unyielding crust), butterfly cakes, muffins, carrot cake, a flourless/dairy-free chocolate brownie torte, Simnel cake, parkin (sigh), Indian-style flatbreads (yes!), savory biscuits (NOT small lumps of questionable origin), focccia (BLESS HIM), and brioche. Alas, no scones. BUT. Given the tools he provides in the first pages, I now have options for experimentation. 

Again. To all involved: Thank. You.



  1. yogaleigh said,

    Saturday, November 19th, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Fortunately while I’m sensitive to wheat I don’t have to be gluten free, but when I was told to stay away from wheat 24 years ago there were no gluten free products or cookbooks, no substitutes in pasta or bread, etc. I had to throw out my entire repertoire of recipes. So I so empathize when you mention the distress of that diagnosis! And what a lovely boss.

    • Seraphina said,

      Saturday, November 19th, 2011 at 4:42 pm

      Gosh, I can only imagine what that must have been like. Some very close friends of mine were diagnosed with all kinds of allergies 20+ years ago and I remember the frustration they expressed and the creative measures they took to try to alleviate their withdrawals. I am grateful for a mother who lives nearby who is determined to help me find palatable recipes. Since we both cook regularly, it’s become a new way for us to bond, which I enjoy a lot!

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