Really?! No Wheat?!

Three weeks ago, my doctor informed me that it was official. Wheat and I just can’t be friends. I suggested therapy…she suggested divorce.

On the one hand, I was grateful and relieved to have some explanation for all the odd things my body was experiencing (from my mouth to my brain: You Suck!), but on the other hand, wheat is in EVERYTHING (my mouth: waaaaaa!). All I can think about is pie crust and baklava and panini and burritos and focaccia and scones and…and…and… !!!

The week following the diagnosis I began to notice how much better I felt, my energy began to increase, my clothes began to grow, and I slept with a restful ease that I didn’t know was possible. But, gosh! If only I didn’t struggle with temptation at work everyday!

My job provides meals…and fairly good ones as well as snacks throughout the day. Every morning there’s a lovely waffle bar, among other things, and some mornings there are freshly fried pieces of French Toast…all that gooey Cinnamon yumminess my mouth just aches to savor. Alas. I had to walk away. I don’t think I can quite explain to you the magnitude of will it takes to do that. It’s been three weeks now, and every day I’ve still managed to walk away. By some standards, I’m told I’ve created a new habit at this point, so this walking away bit should be easier. Not so. It’s still torturous.

One of the more challenging moments is at 10:00 am when I routinely take a break for tea and a nosh…which usually is a slice of cinnamon raisin toast spread with a lovely layer of Nutella. That crunchy butteriness interspersed with soft, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, overlaid with creamy chocolate…heavenly, I assure you. Somewhere, I know, there’s a study proving that my memory of this experience is just as powerful as actually putting that explosion of texture and flavor in my mouth, but I think those people just have no idea how to live, for my mouth protests quite loudly that that study just isn’t quite accurate. My brain chemistry agrees…it’s just not as satisfying.

Yesterday I almost caved. I was so desperate for the bread that I sat, transfixed on this dilemma as to how I could justify or substitute or do whatever I could to satisfy this craving. The solution quite surprised me. Normally I’m not a huge fan of celery…too fiberous and many times limp (iyich!). But, five tender stalks did the trick! The crunch was perfect and it held just the right amount of Nutella and somehow, that wee snack satisfied my craving (and no, I wasn’t the messy one with the knife…although, it’s entirely possible that I could have been, given my state of things).

So yay for me and I’m doing The Happy Dance. But. That was just too close of a call. I seriously have to come up with another option in case that doesn’t cut it in the future. Off to find the Wizard of such things!


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