This summer, I discovered a lovely little shop in the sleepy town of Summerland. It’s one of those shops that one passes whilst in the direction of something super important and one thinks, I should stop in and take a look one day…but I never do. Until this summer.

I finally stopped and stepped into the shop, discovering a delightful trove of treasures not unlike a full pirate’s chest. The Sacred Space is exactly that. As my foot crossed the threshold, I took in the many symbols of prosperity that greeted me at the door: mirrors, elephants with raised trunks, yellow and orange carnations, lotus blossoms and crystals.

“Welcome to The Sacred Space,” she greeted me. “May I get you some tea?”

Who says no to tea?! She brought it to me on a bamboo tray with a container of looped bamboo stir sticks, some sugar crystals with bamboo tongs, and Kabbalah stones sprinkled on the serviettes. I thank her, the smile on my face anticipating an impending adventure. I then wander the shop all the while sipping on my tea. 

There are five rooms meandering one into another…each a plethora of statues of the Laughing Buddha, Ganesha and Quan Yin in varying forms and sizes and media. The Hand of Fatima is also prevalent in many sizes and colors. Dispersed between the statuaries are candles of varying scents, crystals of all sizes, shapes and colors, offering bowls, prayer wheels, fountains, incense, Himalayan salt lamps and many many other intricate delights.

Two hours later, I happen upon the garden and gasp in wonder. A beautiful koi pond is in front of me, the other side of which sits a pavilion like a queen on her throne…rooted with grandeur. Pops of bright lemon yellow through the pillows, blooming lotus flowers in the pond and fruit on the table offset the cream, brown and green of the surroundings. As I sit and meditate for a short while to express gratitude, I become aware of a leather journal for entries by those who visit. I peruse excitedly, feeling a connection to all who have come before me as well as to all who have yet to write after me. 

As I reluctantly leave, promising myself to return sooner than later, I stop to consider the above image once more. Never have I seen such a crystal, the focus of my earlier gasp…and I aspire to share my home with one in the future…perhaps next to my own queenly pavilion.


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