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This week is my birthday week, which is a little more important than my birthday month, but not as important as the actual day. I firmly believe in celebrating for as long as possible and involving as many people as possible, for each person brings out varying characteristics in me…and there is a lot of food that really needs tasting.

One of the many things I have done so far this week is to visit Los Angeles. The longer I live in Southern California, the more I absolutely love it here…and Los Angeles in particular; both quite big surprises to me. But, I’ve found some places that really require multiple visits, so I included a couple of those this week. Spaahbulous and More ( is one of those places.

From the outside, it’s fairly easy to miss as the front faces a small strip mall with a paid parking lot. Parking is challenging to find in Chinatown, so if you’re only willing to circle the block 2 times (like me), I recommend paying for the lot.

The waiting area is very clean and modern and decorated very simply, using Feng Suei principles. I’ve never waited long (1-2 minutes), and when called, I pass through a darkened door into a dark room. Although dark, the room isn’t completely blacked out…there are a few yellow, red and orange hidden bulbs and a few scattered candles. Linen drapes across the ceiling, there’s a wall fountain, soothing music, and the wall murals are in varying shades of olive-green and bamboo tan.

Because this is a reflexology experience and not a massage, there are a few differences. For starters, I try to take off everything that is unnecessary but still allows me to remain respectable, as I’m sharing the room with 7 other silent people. I’m then seated on a large and comfy ottoman and I put my bare feet in a large lined basket filled with hot water with an herbal brew. I honestly have never noticed a scent…even when my face is very close to it, so I have no idea what’s in it. Lisa (my bodyworker) stands behind me, places a pillow between my back and her body and starts at my head and scalp. She moves down to my neck and shoulders and then hands me the pillow so I can lean over while she works the full length of my back. This is my favorite part, for she really digs in and I notice that there are parts of my body that are super tender that I never knew existed. Even better, I feel internal organs responding to those tender spots and I am super excited that my bodyworker knows what she’s doing.

I then move to the large comfy chair and she works my shoulders, arms and hands, then my legs and feet. Again, she pinches and snaps and thumps and digs in to unknown pathways in my body and I find myself giggling through the temporary discomfort as I feel entire systems within my body twitching and responding to her touch. By the time she’s completed the 1.5 hours (for $25), I am completely undone. As she hands me tea, I tell her I want to hug her.

In the bathroom, I attempt to pull myself together and present some semblance of order and decorum, but I quickly realize that I just don’t care one whit. I’m so relaxed and fabulous that I’m ready to take on the world for nothing can touch me. In a word…I’m spaahbulous…and more.


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