Rainbow Hangover

Jesse Arrington made me smile, then giggle, then laugh. A self-proclaimed “color loving Brooklyn designer,” her passion and free spirit shines through her website “Lucky So and So” (http://luckysoandso.com).

She first introduced herself to me through a TED talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/jessi_arrington_wearing_nothing_new.html) in which she described how when she travels, she makes it a habit to only pack enough underwear for the number of days she plans to be away from home. This certainly got my attention. One set of underwear for each day…carried in a delightfully brightly designed bag that could never be mistaken for another’s while traveling. That’s it. Why? To reduce her carbon imprint, she explains, by never purchasing a new item of clothing (except for underwear)…or worrying about lost luggage.

Upon arrival at her destination, she scours all of the thrift and second-hand stores to procure her new unique looks. These looks, developed for her week in Palm Springs for the TED conference, she proudly displayed in her talk. Once the week at TED was complete, she explained, she planned to do what she always does when traveling: donate all the newly purchased items back to a second-hand shop (minus the underwear…yes, these details are important!), ensuring that others will get to use the items and that her money goes to a good cause.

Intrigued, I went to her blog, Lucky So and So (http://luckysoandso.com/) and discovered even more fabulous outfits that she’s found simply by shopping at thrift stores. I admit, I hate shopping and thrift shopping is the most distasteful of all to me. However, with enough time, money and a good eye, she found impressively fabulous and amazing selections…things that I would wear (I think).

Ultimately, that was what was so inspiring to me…that she was so passionate about prints and colors, she wasn’t afraid to embrace them all without hesitation. I realized how muted and simple my closet is, and I think it might be time to look for some bright colors in some thrifty places…just for fun.

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