Ninth Ward Calling

Aural Fusion

The moment I saw Jesse’s Rainbow Hangover marching band photo, I instantly heard in my mind the rhythmic clapping, thumping and dancing sounds of “Ninth Ward Calling,” a signature piece (inspired by one of their favorite spots) by one of my favorite music experiences currently on tour: MarchFourth Marching Band (

Like Jesse, this particular group of musicians/entertainers always invigorates me because of the never-ending creativeness exhibited by each member of the band. Not only do they write their own music, make their own amazing and fantastical costumes and instrument harnesses, they are also all trained musicians…some with noteworthy schools on their resumes.  Yet, unlike so many trained musicians who forget to enjoy their craft, MarchFourth exudes enthusiasm for the inner music of joy. Their music, a wonderous fusion of funk, jazz, marches, circus tunes, klezmer, reggae, and ska over African and Latin rhythms, coupled with the visual marvels of the stilt, fire- and flag dancers and acrobats, requires one to constantly dance to the inner joy that quickly ignites and overflows. I have yet to leave a live performance without a smile on the face, a twinkle in the eye or a bounce in the step.

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