Summer Scents

Natural Perfumery

I went adventuring today. Any good adventure always requires a hat (mine was a large, floppy carnation pink selection), sunglasses, appropriate shoes (cute flip flops), a fresh pedicure and a smoothie to go.

As I wandered, I stumbled upon a little passageway, tucked away in a wall of wildflowers, ivy and trees. Only at one angle could I see that this was indeed a path that only those fortunate enough to know of its existence used. I decided I would be one of those fortunate ones.

As I stepped onto the path, the noise of the busy street behind me diminished significantly and I felt a smile creep across my face as I anticipated what was before me. Four more steps, and I popped out onto a lazy and serene cul-de-sac lined with impeccably groomed homes and gardens. I shivered with delight and slowly made my way down the too short street. 

The scent was so subtle at first that I didn’t even notice it. The sun caressed my back as I admired a tree and then a small puff of wind strengthened the smell. This strong whiff pulled me out of my dream state in search of the origins of this warm, pungent perfume that had enveloped me. I turned a corner, and exclaimed in delight at the vision before me in white and green. The cascading birch trees punctuated the huge swaths of blooming ground honeysuckle out of which sprang fountains of white roses. The resulting air wrapped me in a cocoon of warm damp earth, heady honey sweetness, delicate rose tendrils and tangy scented leaves. Reluctantly I pulled myself away, savoring the lingering giddiness that lightened my step.

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