Gates of Paradise

Doorway to Paradise

Doors fascinate and intrigue me. They bespeak the character of the building by being that moment of transition from outward to inward; appearance to functionality. Does the other side of the door reveal the promise that this side portends?

There are those doors that are grandiose, such as Ghiberti‘s doors on a baptistery in Florence. There are those that are more humble, such as the door to Bilbo Baggins‘ home. Then there are those more sturdy wooden doors like those at Castle Chillon or Neuschwanstein. Or, the sole red door surrounded by tan and white in Notting Hill. Each suggests a story…a history…an adventure.

Then, there’s this entrance I came across this weekend. When looking at this exquisite piece of craftsmanship, I feel a bit like Crocodile Dundee brandishing his machete while exclaiming, “THIS is a knife!” Similarly, THIS is a door. Not just the bits that open and shut or the jamb that holds it all together. It is also a magnificent wall that surrounds and presents all the parts of the entrance. I just know that when I stand at THIS door something magical is about to happen. And, should I be fortunate enough to pass through to the other side I would find all my suspicions to be delightfully true.

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