Facets of Myself

Flowing elegance.

I love hats. Like people, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. And also like people, they each portray a personality or story or event. Because of this, each hat I put on my head allows a different facet of my personality to come forth…often times I find myself surprised to discover that particular part of me exists at all…Simply by putting on a hat!

I have a small collection of hats, but they are mostly Summer straw hats, frequently worn and probably ready for retirement could I bring myself to part with them. So, I went on a quest to see if there were any milliners any more…and if so, did any belong in my collection?

Oh joy of my soul, I found Louise Green Millinery (http://www.louisegreen.com/)! Her designs range from whimsical to elegant…outrageous to practical…ethereal to substantial…men to women and all the spaces in between. There are several collections now, spanning all the seasons, and the one thing that popped out at me while browsing with a Cheshire grin stretching my face, was the joy and delight that obviously goes into the design and creation of each hat. Only someone with a love of beauty, textures, colors and facets of self can create such delightful pieces of art. 

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