Simply Quiet


I love picture books…the simplicity and harmony between the illustrations and words always sucks me into my world of imagination and fantasy. I have attempted to write picture books, but have yet to capture the beauty of “less is more.” It is much harder to craft a children’s book than I ever thought.

I came upon this book several months ago, but it continues to haunt me as one of the most beautifully crafted books for children that I have ever encountered. The illustrations so magically convey the many meanings of the quiet moments portrayed, that I get lost in my memories of moments when I have experienced that type of quiet. While not all of the examples of quiet are happy ones (Thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet), they are all so thoughtfully presented that every child can relate to them making this book an excellent way to explore the emotions and feelings that arise in these moments of quiet. 

My favorite one, “Right before you yell, ‘SURPRISE!” always makes me giggle…for invariably, that’s the moment when I realize I have to use the loo.

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