Colors of Passion

Sweet Peas

A friend of mine is a florist. I love to peruse her ever-changing collection of flowers, admiring the variety of color and texture and shape and size. My fingers reach out gently to caress each bud…savoring the mixture of textures found in the petals and leaves and stem. The scent, also a blend of the three elements, wafts up through my nose and a faint flavor dances on my tongue.

These sweet peas, freshly harvested in the warmth of early morning, wafted a sweet, rich perfume that tasted like a merlot…the delicate buds feeling like a soft cheek under my fingers…the stems, crisp, almost brittle, yet flexible and strong…the leave tentative, yet full of  life and promise. However, the colors, velvet tones of royal purple, crimson, burgundy, lavender and deep heathered rose, are what caused my eyes to leap in joy while simultaneously hearing the word “orgasmic!” in my mind thereby requiring me to purchase a few and put them in my bathroom so I could meditate on beauty while preparing for my day.

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